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Short Stories

The Case for Short Stories

The short story was always the preferred fiction medium for serious professional writers right up until recent years. Today it's the 'never mind the quality, feel the width' attitude which means that waffle sells more copy than honed and perfected prose. Novels are getting bigger and fatter. Even Harry Potter stories grew in size as the series progressed.

A short story can come to a writer in an hour; it can take six months; ... contrary to what most people think, the writing of short stories, is, as Roald Dahl says, "damnably hard work", more difficult than a novel, far more difficult than a biography, only a little less difficult than writing a book for small children or, most difficult of all, a poem.
Rumer Godden, 1977
Introduction to the Reader's Digest Great Short Stories of the English Speaking World

But for those who prefer a taste of something good, well presented and easily digested rather than the 'GO LARGE' preferences of today, it's time to reconsider the Short Story. From a literary point of view the short story epitomizes the quest for the perfect piece of fiction. Harder to write and certainly harder to master, the short story writer has to make every word count, there's no room for meandering along endless dead ends and side tracks. Stick to the chase!

In this fast-paced world we live in you would have thought that the short story would flourish but alas no. However we don't need to be too despondent. There are excellent examples of the craft of short story telling available today, some from the last century and even the century before that and some bang up to date from talented young authors.

At cj-books-etc we pride ourselves on providing books from all genres and eras and have compiled here a selection of short story anthologies available to buy. But please note that due to the specialist nature of some of these titles, we have only limited stock. If a title you were interested in has become out of stock, please contact us and we will be happy to try to obtain another copy for you.

Robert Louis Stevenson - The Complete Short Stories

 Robert Louis Stevenson - The Complete Short Stories

Two volume set complete with slip case.
The Centenary Edition published by Mainstream Publishing, 1993.
Books in excellent unread condition, slip case has some shelf wear and a slightly faded spine only.
Over 50 stories and fables including both well known titles and lesser known but fabulous stories. A real treat for any Stevenson or story fan.
ISBN 1851585524

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The Stuff of Legend

Story telling started with the verbal tradition of tales of old, knights and myths and legends - yarns which have been written down and retold countless times. A good story always improves with age.

Stories of Old Renown

Stories of Old Renown: Tales of Knights and Heroes by Ascott R Hope

The Author, Ascott R Hope, modernized some old stories, which he felt had become unfamiliar to young people by the 19th Century. The hardback copy we have on offer was published by Gresham Publishing circa 1920s with illustrations by Gordon Browne (son of the Dickens illustrator Phiz) and is in acceptable condition only. If you would like more photographs please contact us.

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The Gothic in us all

During the 18th and 19th century there were many fine short story writers, often most famous for a particular novel e.g., Bram Stoker and his Dracula. But there are others who wrote famous short stories such as H. G. Wells and his Time Machine or Edger Allen Poe and his Tales of Mystery and Imagination. This tradition of the ghost story or the mystery has continued to the present day.

H. G. Wells

Complete Short Stories by H. G. Wells

This famous collection of short stories includes The Time Machine, The Man Who Could Work Miracles, The Country of the Blind, The Valley of Spiders, The Empire of the Ants, The Jilting of Jane and that delightful fantasy The Truth About Pyecraft.

H. G. Wells was possibly most consistently at his best as a writer of short stories and this book, first published in 1927, remains one of the most remarkable literary achievements of the last century. This edition dates 1987 by Guild Publishing.

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Ghost's Face

Smearing the Ghost's Face with Ink (a Chinese anthology) edited by Raymond Van Over

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Just for a laugh!

It's not just serious stuff that short stories excel in, but comedic prose, light hearted and intended to please.

Wyoming Wyoming Wonderous Wyoming

Humourous short stories, unique recipes and western potpourri by James W Ballard 1990

80 pages pamphlet

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Babies Changing Babies by Deborah Moggach

15 brilliant stories; funny, sharp and painfully accurate. Many of these stories have been broadcast on Radio 4 or published in The Daily Telegraph and Cosmopolitan.

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James Herriot's Cat Stories

Cat Stories James Herriot is well known for his tales about his experience as a vet in the Dales. This book is a collection of the stories about cats that he has written about in his various books. The stories all illustrate the different characters that the cats have, one likes to visit collections of people-WI meetings, church groups and seems to be listening to every word. The vet finds these cats in a state of poor health and restores them, in one case aided by the farmer's wife who put the kitten in the oven! They are delightful stories to warm your heart.

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... or just because they are a good read

Short story writing is not lost in the modern day but it is often hidden, sometimes in plain sight like Jeffery Archer's collections of short stories and sometimes in the world of academia like Brooke Biaz (aka Professor Graeme Harper). But wherever these fine tomes are found they are often well worth the search.

The Last Dance

 The Last Dance

by Victoria Hislop

10 delicious short stories including several set in Greece offering memorable portraits of ordinary Greek life. These stories have been described as lyrical and twisty tales.
Paperback; published by Headlne Review, 2012
ISBN 9781472206022

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Albert Jack's Ten Minute Mysteries

Ten Minute Mysteries

Illustrated by Sandra Howgate
32 stories, 348 pages
The world's secrets explained from the real Loch Ness monster to who killed Marilyn Monroe.

Hardback published by Penguin Reference
ISBN 9780140515909

Used like new
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Cat O'Nine Tales by Jeffrey Archer

Cat O'Nine Tales

Drawings by Ronald Searle
12 stories, 255 pages
This is the 5th collection of irrestible short stories from the master story teller. These yarns are ingeniously plotted with richly drawn characters and deliciously unexpected conclusions. There is the added bonus of illustrations by the internationally acclaimed artist Ronald Searle.

Hardback published by Macmillan
ISBN 140503257X

Used like new
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Small Maps of the World by Brooke Biaz

Small Maps

This collection of fiction from Graeme Harper, writing as Brooke Biaz, investigates the meanings attached to events in place. It unearths the bond between individuals and location and also wonders about the underlaying connections between people and their sense of belonging.

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Big Pictures: New Writing by the Galaxy of Ireland's Best-known Writers for Young People, edited by Gerard Whelan

The stories collected in this volume are both rare and new by a galaxy of thirteen of Ireland's best known writers for young people.

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The Land of the Vine - stories by Georgian writers translated by Amanda Calvert Writing School

This is an anthology of stories written by contemporary Georgian writers. Georgia is the land where the vine flourishes and this anthology is an expression of the pride in and love for their native land. This book was printed and published in Russia in 1990.

This is a rare hardback book in excellent condition
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Writing School The Writing School Guide to Writing the Short Story

by Roy Lomax published by Clarefen Ltd 1983 paperback
ISBN 9780906486139

Even though reading short stories is fun, how about actually writing one yourself?
This guide to writing short stories is great for setting you on you way.

Used like new paperback for
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