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Railway Jigsaw Artists

Edgar Hodges 1928-2018

Edgar Hodges

Edgar Hodges was born in Bolton, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom. He took his first art exam at the age of 13 passing easily due to an interest in drawing and painting from a very early age.

In 1979 and 1980 Hodges was the illustrator of the first two Thomas The Tank Engine annuals written by the Rev. W Awdry and also the Famous Engines colouring, sticker and activity books. He was asked to illustrate the annuals and the activity books of Thomas the Tank Engine because of his interest in steam trains.

He reworked some of the illustrations from the Railway Series books and allegedly even incorporated his image as the Duke from the books. He left World Distributors in 1980 but whilst there, he also worked on other annuals such as "Dad's Army", "Postman Pat", "The Wombles" and "Doctor Who". In the 1970s, he illustrated steam locomotives from Britain for jigsaw puzzles for companies including Whitmans and JR Puzzles which cj-books-etc are pleased to have available for all railway and Hodges fan

cj-books-etc are very pleased to offer a great selection of jigsaws depicting the work of Hodges.

Edgar Hodges

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George Heiron

George Heiron was born in Bristol in 1929 and inherited an artistic streak from both sides of his family. His Mother was a tutor in art at the West of England College of Art and his Father's family had a sign-writing business. After working with the Bristol Aircraft Company, George soon moved to study at the West of England College of Art before he became a freelance signwriter, painter and photographer. It was the start of a career that was to last over 50 years.

George Heiron

A unique individual, George was not only a master of the paintbrush in oils and watercolour, but also an accomplished photographer. He was in many respects, a pioneer in adventurous railway photography especially his experimentation with night photography. This can be observed with such breathtaking studies such as the 'Red Dragon' which was hauled by his favourite locomotive Britannia. This iconic photograph was taken from the end of Badminton station, knee deep in snow on a freezing winters night. The Station Master thought he was mad!

Red Dragon An experienced and proficient mountaineer, it was in the Swiss Alps, high in the village of Zermatt that George could be found when not painting. It was here that he found relaxation, climbing such peaks as the Matterhorn. As his career progressed, four books were to follow, 'The Majesty of British Steam'... 'Trains to the West'... 'Roaming the Western Rails' and what was to be his final works, 'Portraits of Steam' which was published just months before his untimely death in 2001. Heiron was a man of many talents and is greatly missed for his contribution to the railway scene.

cj-books-etc are very pleased to offer a great selection of jigsaws depicting the work of Heiron.

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Barry Freeman

Freeman Barry Freeman was born in Northampton in 1937 and spent 10 years in the Royal Navy and then several years in electronics and aviation industry before he took up teaching drawing and painting. After taking early retirement, he then had the opportunity to become a professional artist. He was always an avid railway enthusiast ever since childhood and so it was only natural for him to combine his two loves and become a railway artist. He works almost exclusively in oils and takes on average two months to complete a painting.

In 1995 he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and was deputy president of the Guild of Railway Artists. His beautiful paintings bring to life the richness of the steam age and usually include aspects of life in those times in general as a great contextual backdrop. Freeman

We are very pleased here at cj-books-etc to have a selection of his works reproduced as jigsaw puzzles ideal for any puzzler or railway enthusiast alike.

1000 piece Barry Freeman jigsaws are classified as GRADE 8
500 piece Barry Freeman jigsaws are classified as GRADE 4

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Bill Sharman

from Sovereign Publications Puzzles

Sovereign Publications was a Cambridge based company, which unfortunately ceased trading in 1991 but they produced some stunning scenes as jigsaw puzzles using photographs by the celebrated railway photographer Bill Sharman (Dr W A Sharman). These photographs show iconic and less often depicted engines of Britain's preserved railways against dramatic scenery backgrounds.

These jigsaws provide the opportunity to complete challenging puzzles, which will be highly satisfying to any serious puzzler or railway enthusiast alike.

"Bill takes the kind of pictures people like to see"
Colin Garratt, Director Railways - Milepost 92½ , 2004

We are very pleased to have several examples of Sharman's work in a selection of 600 piece puzzles including some rare still sealed puzzles. These jigsaws are over 25 years old and are in excellent condition.

The finished size of each is 16.5 x 22inch (42cm x 56cm).

Bill Sharman jigsaws are classified as GRADE 8
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Ted Blaylock

Blaylock Born in 1946 in the foothills of the Ozarks, Ted Blaylock grew up in the St. Louis, Missouri area. During his early adult life, Blaylock held a variety of tough jobs, all far removed from the art world. However, throughout this period one common thread remained: the love of art.

Regardless of the job he held, his leisure time was spent developing his talent to draw and paint. Basically self-taught, Blaylock set out for a full time career in 1965 and opened his own art studio and gallery in Collinsville, Illinois in 1969. In 1972, the Blaylocks headed west to Arizona to exhibit and further his art career. For the past fifty years, Blaylock's art has enhanced collectors' walls in many different states and abroad. His national reputation in the art world is greatly respected.

Blaylock His art has been published worldwide and he supports such worthy conservation organizations as Ducks Unlimited, National Wildlife Federation, Pheasants Forever and many others. Blaylock Art was selected for the 1990-91 Arizona Duck Stamp and Arizona Lifetime Trout Stamp in 1994. His print of a South Bald Eagle family in the Salt River Canyon has helped raise funds for the Arizona Nest Watch Program.

Blaylock He was selected to show with the top one hundred Arts for the National Parks and Birds in Art, at Leight Yawkey Woodson Museum. He also has a painting on permanent display in the Leanin Tree Museum of Western Art. These are a few of the many milestones of his career. His prints are found worldwide with many sold out editions to his credit, and with originals in many of the finest collections in the country.

Blaylock is a committed Christian whose works also include several atmospheric painting depicting religious scenes and subjects.

"I paint and sculpt subjects that I really enjoy. I try to study my subject and setting so as to relay that personal moment of creating to the viewer. I thank the Lord for the talent he has given me, and have yet to wake up thinking of my art as a job."


One of his other passions is for historical scenes of railways and life in the mountains of America, which cj-books-etc are pleased to have available in our jigsaw collections.

Ted Blaylock jigsaws are classified as GRADE 6
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If you like these, then check out our expanding range of Railway Jigsaws. And if it's American railways that are your passion, then be sure to browse our Railway Books section as well where we have several titles about American locomotives past and present.

Valley Of Peace

We can't help but see the contrasts and similarities of Blaylock's work with that of Thomas Kinkade. Check out our extensive selection of Thomas Kinkade jigsaws and art work in our special feature page.

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Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade was one of the most successful painters of modern times, and Kinkade jigsaws are a joy to behold and a pleasure to complete.

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