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The Mathematical Intelligencer

The Mathematical Intelligencer


We are delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive selection of back issues of the classic popular mathematics magazine The Mathematical Intelligencer.

Published by Springer Verlag, the Intelligencer covers a wide range of mathematical topics with each issue having something for everyone. It's "about mathematics, about mathematicians, and about the history and culture of mathematics."

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Popular Maths Books

Just Six Numbers Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe [Paperback] by Martin J. Rees

How did a single 'genesis event' create billions of galaxies, black holes, stars and planets? How did atoms assemble - here on Earth, and perhaps on other worlds - into living beings intricate enough to ponder their origins? This book describes the recent avalanche of discoveries about the universe's fundamental laws, and the deep connections that exist between stars and atoms -- the cosmos and the microscopic world. Just six numbers, imprinted in the 'big bang', determine the essence of our world, and this book devotes one chapter to explaining each.

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mathsgene The Maths Gene: Why Everyone Has It, But Most People Don't Use It [Hardback] by Keith Devlin

The Maths Gene explains how the human mind came to - and continues to - perform mathematical reasoning. Where does this ability come from? Our prehistoric ancestors' brains were essentially the same as ours, so they must have had the same underlying ability. What purpose could it serve in 50,000 BC? And what exactly goes on in our brains when we multiply 15 by 36 or prove Fermat's last theorem? The answer, according to Keith Devlin, lies within our genes and more specifically with the pattern-making abilities with which we are born. He uses this insight to reveal why some people feel that they 'can't do maths', while a select few excel at the subject and to suggest ways in which we can improve our mathematical skills.

He also answers the following questions: Are there things I can do to improve my mathematical skills? (YES) Can new-born babies do mathematics? (YES) Do mathematicians have a key secret that enables them to do mathematics with apparent ease? (YES) Do Chinese and Japanese children have a built-in advantage over American and European children when it comes to learning mathematics? (YES)

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A Mathematical Look at Politics [Hardcover] by Robinson and Ullman

mathpol A Mathematical Look at Politics E. Arthur Robinson Jr. and Daniel H. Ullman is designed as an alternative to the usual mathematics texts for students in quantitative reasoning courses. It applies the power of mathematical thinking to problems in politics and public policy. Concepts are precisely defined. Hypotheses are laid out. Propositions, lemmas, theorems, and corollaries are stated and proved. Counterexamples are offered to refute conjectures. Students are expected not only to make computations but also to state results, prove them, and draw conclusions about specific examples.

Tying the liberal arts classroom to real-world mathematical applications, this text is more deeply engaging than a traditional general education book that surveys the mathematical landscape. It aims to instill a fondness for mathematics in a population not always convinced that mathematics is relevant to them.


Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems [Hardcover] by Kohler and Johnson


Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems by Werner E. Kohler and Lee W. Johnson integrates the underlying theory, the solution procedures, and the numerical/computational aspects of differential equations in a seamless way. For example, whenever a new type of problem is introduced (such as first-order equations, higher-order equations, systems of differential equations, etc.) the text begins with the basic existence-uniqueness theory. This provides the student the necessary framework to understand and solve differential equations. Theory is presented as simply as possible with an emphasis on how to use it. The Table of Contents is comprehensive and allows flexibility for instructors.

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