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Gerard Hoffnung

Gerard Hoffnung (1925-1959)

Hoffnung Gerard Hoffnung (22 March 1925 - 28 September 1959) was an artist and musician, best known for his humorous works. Raised in Germany, Hoffnung was brought to London as a boy, to escape the Nazis. After studying at art colleges, he published a series of cartoons on musical themes, and illustrated the works of novelists and poets.

In 1956 Hoffnung mounted the first of his "Hoffnung Festivals" in London, at which classical music was spoofed for comic effect, with contributions from many eminent musicians. As a broadcaster he appeared on BBC panel games, where he honed the material for one of his best-known performances, his speech at the Oxford Union in 1958.

Hoffnung Hoffnung, in the words of his biographer Richard Ingrams,
...developed a distinctive style which owed something to the German illustrator Wilhelm Busch He mainly drew with a mapping pen and Indian ink, and also used watercolours and wax crayons.

Much of Hoffnung's humour centred on the world of music, particularly the various instruments of the orchestra with which he was fascinated.

Hoffnung Unfortunately Hoffnung collapsed at his home on 25 September 1959, and died of a cerebral haemorrhage three days later at the age of thirty-four. The obituarist in The Times concluded
Hoffnung was among other things an artist, a musician, a linguist, a raconteur, a Quaker, a bon viveur, a prison visitor and a mime. It is usual to say that a man has left behind a gap that cannot be filled. For Gerard Hoffnung there would be needed a handful of men, all of them greatly gifted.

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