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Folio Society Editions

Folio Society Editions

The Folio Society is a privately owned London-based publisher, founded by Charles Ede in 1947 and incorporated in 1971. It produces illustrated hardback editions of classic fiction and non-fiction books, poetry and children's titles. Folio editions feature specially designed bindings and include artist-commissioned illustrations (most often in fiction titles) or researched artworks and photographs (in non-fiction titles). Many editions come with their own slipcase.

A Folio book is a unique object, one in which typography, illustration, paper, and printing and binding techniques all play a part in creating a harmonious whole. The Folio Society has celebrated the particular joy to be derived from owning, holding and reading a beautiful printed edition.

"Our aim is to create books that are unique in their aesthetic and in their quality
- this is what makes a Folio collection something to cherish."

The Folio Society

cj-books-etc are very pleased to offer several Folio Society editions.

William Hazlitt Essays

William Hazlitt Essays edited with introduction by Rosalind Vallance & John Hampden
wood engravings by Frank Martin
published by Folio Society, 1964

Binding design is based on a binding in the British Museum from the library of King George III.
164 pages hardback

Used very good
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The Dead Sea Scrolls

translated by Geza Vermes

Dead Sea On the western shores of the Dead Sea, about eight miles south of Jericho, lies a complex of ruins known as Khirbet Qumran. It occupies one of the lowest parts of the Earth, on the fringe of the hot and arid wastes of the Wilderness of Judea, and it today, apart from occasional invasions from coach loads of tourists, lifeless, silent and empty. But from that place members of an ancient Jewish religious community whose centre it was, hurried out one day and in secrecy climbed the cliffs in order to hide away in eleven caves their precious scrolls. No one came back to retrieve them undisturbed for almost 2000 years... until 1947.

vermes This translation of the scrolls by Geza Vermes enables the general reader to come into direct contact with the literary works found at Qumran. The text has been selected from the acclaimed book by Geza Vermes 'The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English' and the aim has been to include all the more complete scrolls especially those, which describe the community that created them and throw light on its customs and beliefs. They include community rules and laws on peace and war, hymns, songs and psalms, and a number of fascinating biblical texts and commentaries.

insidedead This beautifully produced book includes copious full colour and black and white prints and come complete in a sturdy protective sleeve. An ideal gift or pure self-indulgence!

Like new
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Ill Met by Moonlight

by W Stanley Moss

Moonlight This book recounts the kidnapping in 1944, by two young officers (Moss and Patrick Leigh Fermor) serving in the S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive), of a German General from his headquarters in Crete and the spiriting of him over the mountains of that island into a motor-launch and so to captivity. It was written down crisply during and straight after the event by one of the young officers and at once banned by the War Office until 1950 when they allowed a shortened version to be published. This edition follows the text of this original published first edition.

It shows the daring and audacity of youth against a background of war and in the words of the author:

'I have not attempted to bring it up to date or rewrite any part of it, for to do so would be to lose the spirit of light heartedness and twenty-two-year-old exuberance (almost bumptiousness) with which it was written'

Moonlight Beautifully bound in dark blue cloth with embossed illustration and sturdy slipcase, and copious black and white photographs inside, this special edition is available from cj-books-etc.

Comes with free DVD of the 1957 film directed by Michael Powell, starring Dirk Bograde.

Like new
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Sir Patrick Spens and Other Ballads

Sir Patrick Spens and Other Ballads by Anon
published by The Folio Society, 1994

"Sir Patrick Spens" is a Scottish maritime ballad about a disaster at sea and has been praised as an important example of balladic poetry though its origins are not known in detail. Three other wonderful ballads are also included with engraving illustrations. This edition is a splendid Folio hardback complete with gold coloured slip case. Some fading to spine but pages clean and unmarked. An ideal pocket edition for travel distraction that doesn't involve an electronic device!
32 pages purple silk cloth hardback

Used very good
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More Folio Society Editions

Scarlet Pimpernel

The Scarlet Pimpernel
Baroness Orczy
Illustrated by Lucy Weller 1997

As new £16.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.004

Short History of Time

A Short History of Time

Lefranc Holford-Strevens 2007

As new £6.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.005

Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Illustrated by James Lynch

Used good. Box has some surface damage to the top and sides but is still structurally sound, book is in great condition with only some fading to spine lettering. Pages clean and unmarked.


Omar Khayyam

The Rubiayat of Omar Khayyam

Translated by Edward Fitzgerald and first self published in 1859. It was over the years received with mixed feelings but has proved itself to be a work of art in its own right. This beautiful edition will give pleasure to any who read it.

Folio hardback with gold effect slip case. Used Like New.

£10.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.006

The English Language

The English Language by Robert Burchfield

£14.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.007

A Traveller's Christmas

A Traveller's Christmas

£18.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.008

Bingo Boys

Bingo Boys and Poodle Fakers (2007)

A curious compendium of historical slang collected from the best authorities.

£8.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.009

English Eccentrics

English Eccentrics by Edith Sitwell

Illustrated by Roland Pym
Used as new. Excellent condition throughout.

£10.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.010

Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas Under Milk Wood


After Dinner Stories

The Best After Dinner Stories
Selected by Tim Heald with various authors
Illustrated by Paul Cox 2003
As new £16.00 with FREE delivery for UK addresses. FOL21.07.011

Nostradamus - The Top 100 Prophecies (Illustrated)

Nostradamus by Mario Reading
illustrated by Nicky Ackland-Snow
published by Watkins Publishing, 2010

Illustrated in colour and black and white, a fascinating summary of the 100 best prophecies of Nostradamus. Excellent condition but a small mark to back of hardcover. A collectible edition.
191 pages hardback in sturdy slipcase
ISBN 9781906787882

Used very good
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