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The Waverley Novels by Sir Walter Scott

Waverley The Waverley Novels are a long series of novels by Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). For nearly a century, they were among the most popular and widely read novels in all of Europe. Because Scott did not publicly acknowledge authorship until 1827, the series takes its name from Waverley, the first novel of the series released in 1814. The later books bore the words "by the author of Waverley" on their title pages.

These novels are mainly set in Scotland or England and have backdrops ranging from Ivanhoe set during the Crusades through the ages up to Scott's own time of the 18th century. Adventure, romance and intrigue are all puppets in the hands of the master wordsmith which Scott proved himself over and over again.

Titles in the Waverley Novels with their original publication date:

  • Vol: 1 Waverley (1814)
  • Vol: 2 Guy Mannering (1815)
  • Vol: 3 The Antiquary (1816)
  • Vol: 4 Rob Roy (1818)
  • Vol: 5 The Black Dwarf and Legend of Montrose (1819)
  • Vol: 6 Old Mortality (1816)
  • Vol: 7 The Heart of Midlothian (1818)
  • Vol: 8 The Bride of Lammermoor (1819)
  • Vol: 9 Ivanhoe (1819)
  • Vol: 10 The Monastery (1820)
  • Vol: 11 The Abbot (1820)
  • Vol: 12 Kenilworth (1821)
  • Vol: 13 Pirate (1822)
  • Vol: 14 The Fortunes of Nigel (1822)
  • Vol: 15 Perivil of the Peak (1822)
  • Vol: 16 Quentin Durward (1823)
  • Vol: 17 St Ronan's Well (1824)
  • Vol: 18 Redgauntlet (1824)
  • Vol: 19 The Betrothed and the Highland Widow (1825)
  • Vol: 20 The Talisman (1825)
  • Vol: 21 Woodstock (1826)
  • Vol: 22 The Fair Maid of Perth (1828)
  • Vol: 23 Anne of Geierstein (1829)
  • Vol: 24 Count Robert of Paris (1831)
  • Vol: 25 The Surgeon's Daughter and Castle Dangerous (1831)

Waverley We are very pleased to have an excellent set of these novels available from cj-books-etc. The set is the Holyrood edition published by The Gresham Publishing Company in 1900. They have deep green cloth covers and gold effect filigree scroll work to front and spine. Each book has a full colour plate opposite the title page and black and white etchings through the novels. Famous illustrators include Paul Hardy, W Rainey, Warwick Cobley, A T Smith and many others. The books are all in good to very good condition with some foxing to page edges commensurate with age, all pages clean with no inscriptions, bindings very good to good with shelf wear to cover edges average for books over 100 years old.

Waverley This set is a beautiful addition to any personal library and will give hours of sheer indulgence. So why not slip away to the moors and highlands of 18th century Scotland, the battlefields of the Crusades or the London and England of the 17th century, and immerse yourself in times gone by that only Scott could evoke.

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Vive la différence

Collector's Promotional Game - Rare

vive This is advertised as 'the game to discover Europe's diversity'. It is also a promotional tool for one of France's most famous Cognac Houses: Remy Martin. Tiny wooden cask playing pieces act as a reminder that Remy Martin store their product in Limousin oak barrels that are smaller than otherwise customary. This is an excellent way of understanding more about the speciality cuisine from different areas of Europe. As you would expect from a prestigious distiller of fine cognac, Remy Martin has associated itself with a game of quality and style. The components of the game are very well designed and of quality material. The use of metal coins and wooden barrels adds a sense of richness and opulence to the game. The photographs of the dishes from around Europe are beautiful and are in full colour. A great educational and fun game to play.

This game involves touring around Europe visiting cities and locations, with cards in full colour describing special features about each location, as well as showing examples of great cuisine particular to these different areas. Players race to obtain gourmet cards (by landing on a city with an exact throw of the dice), and also race to win coins. Coins are won by correctly answering questions about that location/cuisine. The player who is able enough, skilful enough and lucky enough to get possession of most of the Gourmet Cards and Remy-Martin coins wins the game.

For 2- 6 Players. Age 18+.

Vive la différence 1992 Remy Martin game for Connoisseurs and Gourmets made by Ravensburger.

  • 1 x playing board
  • 6 x wooden barrel playing pieces
  • 1 x target (model Remy Martin VSOP bottle in case)
  • 70 x gourmet cards in full colour
  • 28 x joker cards
  • 1 x empty cover card (black)
  • 20 x metal coins (embossed with 1724 - year of the foundation of Remy Martin)
  • 1 x velvet bag
  • 1 x gold coloured dice (1 to 6 spots)
  • 1 x black coloured dice (3 to 8 spots)
  • 1 x rules booklet in full colour printed in 6 different languages

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Tgoal A card based football game of skill and speed
20 x 17 x 2 cm, 360gm

New sealed
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Encyclopedia Britannica

Vast. Detailed. Correct.

Britannica Written by more than 4,000 expert contributors, you can be confident that everything you learn from Encyclopedia Britannica is clear and correct.

First published in 1768, Britannica continues to be the world's most renowned encyclopedia. This 32-volume revision builds on this expertise with an incredible wealth of knowledge that's easily accessible yet comprehensive - making it the first choice reference work for thousands of schools, universities, libraries and family homes.

The world at your fingertips

Whatever you're interested in, you can rely on Britannica to make it even more interesting. You get incredible insights into subjects you thought you knew, while world-renowned contributors and Nobel prize winners put fascinating facts about our world right at your fingertips. Britannica's lively narration helps children and adults alike develop a love of learning!

An exquisite investment that will last for generations

Stunningly presented, every one of the 32 volumes is crafted to the highest possible standards so your encyclopedia not only looks wonderful, but stays in perfect condition for years and years to come.

The Britannica 4-part learning system

  1. 2-volume Index - The key to unlocking Britannica's archive of information. Thousands of references take you to the pages you want quickly and easily.
  2. 12-volume Ready Reference - Also known as the Micropaedia, the ready reference gives you quick and concise answers, fascinating facts and acts as a gateway to Knowledge in Depth.
  3. 19-volume Knowledge in Depth - Britannica at its scholarly best, the Macropaedia is written by the world's leading authorities to give you a complete and compelling understanding of a - subject.
  4. The Outline of knowledge, the Propaedia, is a guide to learning. Whatever subject you're interested in exploring, this volume suggests what to read and explains how it relates to other subjects.

Whatever your interests, Britannica has the answers!

From children to adults, students to professionals, from the committed researcher to the casual browser - everyone can get so much from Britannica's wealth of knowledge. Britannica enriches your research with marvelous detail, unrivalled accuracy and facts, figures and revelations that make it the first port of call for whatever you need to know.

From the world's leading brand for reliable and fact-checked information

Britannica Entries by Nobel laureates, historians, curators, professors and other notable experts.

This was the last edition published before the advent of digital copies. Black padded faux leather hardcover with gilt titles and colour coded spines, Micropaedia (Ready Reference and Index) 12 volumes, Macropaedia (Knowledge in depth) 19 volumes, Propaedia (Outline of Knowledge) 1 volume, unmarked pages, a beautiful collection of knowledge, dispatched from UK by courier. This edition is as beautiful as it is useful and will give years of interest and distraction.

Used like new
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Also available in same edition (deluxe padded black faux-leather hardcovers with gold lettering and embossing) are the following Britannica World Data Annuals:

1991 Britannica World Data Annual
FREE delivery for UK addresses. A

1992 Britannica World Data Annual
FREE delivery for UK addresses. A

1993 Britannica World Data Annual
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For those quiet moments;
for a talking point;
for that insatiable curiosity;
or just to sit and browse.
There's nothing quite like an Encyclopedia Britannica.

Nomad books by Norman Ellison (Nomad of the BBC)

NomadWandering Wandering with Nomad

Norman Ellison is known by countless listeners to the BBC Northern Children's Hour in the 1940's as 'Norman the Naturalist' and his fortnightly walk into the countryside with his schoolboy nephew Dick, became one of the highlights of that broadcasting era.

In this story Dick is spending his holidays at Nomad's home - an old smugglers cottage on the cliff top and what a holiday it proved to be! Whether they were going down an old quarry face on a rope, warding off an attack of a wild cat or hunting for pearls amongst the mussel beds, Nomad holds his reader's attention by the same charm and fascination he displays when he did his broadcasts.

Whether you can remember his radio shows or not, this book is equally charming and informative. An echo of a bygone age.

Fully illustrated by the eminent black and white artist C. F. Tunnicliffe.

Available for
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NomadOverHills Over the Hills with Nomad

Once again Nomad enthralls the reader with a fascinating glimpse into the wild life along the rugged bird haunted coast where he lives. Nomad and Dick his young nephew, experience many unusual and exciting adventures; they visit a gullery near the remains of an old Roman fort; go trawling to discover some of the wonderful wild life of the sea; and are rescued by lighthouse keepers from a treacherous whirlpool. The story is written with the imitable charm of manner and personality which is so much a part of Nomad's books.

With numerous illustrations by C. F. Tunnicliffe, the eminent nature artist.

Signed first edition copy. Available for
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The Imitation Of Christ by Thomas A Kempis

Imitation Of Christ With Twenty Four Coloured Reproductions From The Old Masters. The Burlington Library published by Chapman & Hall Ltd.

This book was written anonymously in Latin in Netherlands ca. 1418-1427 and Thomas A Kempis is generally accepted as the author. Several sources of authority, including members of his own order, name Kempis as the author, and various contemporary manuscripts, including one autograph codex, bear his name. Joseph N. Tylenda S.J writes that the book was composed anonymously is "not surprising" since the author writes in the Imitation that one should "love to be unknown."(Book 1; Chap.2).

The Imitation of Christ is regarded as the most important devotional work in Catholic Christianity and is the most widely read devotional work next to the Bible. Apart from the Bible no book has been translated into more languages than the Imitation of Christ.

John Wesley and John Newton, the founders of the Methodist Movement, listed The Imitation among the works that influenced them at their conversion. General Gordon carried it with him to the battlefield.

Swami Vivekananda, the 19th Century Hindu Philosopher and founder of Vedanta Society, drew a number of parallels between the teachings of the Imitation and the Bhagavad Gita. Vivekananda wrote a preface and a translation of the Imitation in 1899. Vivekananda would always carry a copy of the Bhagavad Gita and the Imitation.

The Imitation of Christ was an early influence on the spirituality of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, who used it in her prayer life, distilled its message and used it in her own writings which then influenced Catholic spirituality as a whole.

Theologian Shailer Mathews wrote that the Imitation presents an accurate description of the Christ of the Gospels, and gives an unbiased reading of the words of Jesus. He also wrote

"For centuries men have found in it inspiration to sacrifice and humility, and to severest self-examination... He who has never come under its influence has missed something that would have made him more humble and more ambitious for purity of life."

Thomas Hamerlein (known as Thomas A Kempis) was born in Kempis in the province of Cologne in about 1380 to poor parents. He was educated in Deventer and in 1405 he took holy orders as an Augustinian monk near Zwoll. He died in 1471.

cj-books-etc is pleased have on offer a copy of the Imitation of Christ dating from the early 1900's in hardback complete with 24 full colour pates from old masters paintings depicting the life of Christ. A beautiful devotional text.

Available for
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Superstitions of Churches by W R Sunman, 1874

Superstitions Published by Tubbs & Brook of Manchester and Simpkin & Co. London, 1874.

In the preface from the Author, he declares that

"this book is offered to the public, not on account of any idea possessed by the Author as to its intrinsic merits. It is simply intended as a small contribution to the world's spiritual enfranchisement and a humble attempt to make plain the true teaching of the word of God upon certain points of theology which have hitherto acted as stumbling blocks to many of the Lord's people."

In the books thirteen chapters, topics such as reason, God, Christ, the Sabbath, hell, the devil, death and the means of salvation are discussed and explained.

cj-books-etc are excited to have a first edition hardback cloth copy dated 1874 on offer. This rare copy is in excellent condition with only a few pencil notations and a hard cover in exceptional condition.

Available for
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Stories of Old Renown: Tales of Knights and Heroes

Stories of Old Renown by Ascott R Hope

The Author, Ascott R Hope, modernized some old stories, which he felt had become unfamiliar to young people by the 19th Century. The hardback copy we have on offer was published by Gresham Publishing circa 1920s with illustrations by Gordon Browne (son of the Dickens illustrator Phiz) and is in acceptable condition only.

This rare book is available for
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Poems of Wordsworth Vol.II

Poems of Wordsworth Vol.II by William Wordsworth

published by Cassell & Co. Ltd, 1885

The second in the series of Miniature Library of the Poets. Contains The White Doe of Rhylstone, his poems of his Tours of Scotland and the Continent and Sonnets etc. Lovely pocket edition in very good condition. Immerse yourself in the beauty of his poems.
312 pages cloth with marbled sides hardback

Used very good
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